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  • Swarm Relocation
    If you see a Honeybee swarm, they are looking for a suitable home. We safely relocate the swarm to a proper hive space. By providing them a suitable home this prevents infestation in walls of homes, sheds and reduces the risk of them being exterminated as a pest.
  • Infestation Removal
    If you have an infestation of honey bees, we can help. We locate the hive and create a plan to remove them. We delicately deconstruct the hive conserving as much of the wax comb, brood nest and food stores as possible. We then rebuild the hive in our boxes to safely be relocated to our apiary. Once in the apiary we then provide them with as many resources as possible to help them destress and rebuild.
  • Pollinator Program
    Have you wanted bees for your farm or garden but don't have the time to care for them? We can help. We will set up and maintain hives on your property. You will reep the benefits of the pollinators without the stress of caring for the hives. *** currently only offered locally***
  • All Natural Products and Equipment
    We strive to provide products that are all natural including candles, chapsticks and honey. Our all natural approach allows you to enjoy quality products without the stress of harmful chemicals and additives. If your looking for equipment, we have that as well. Check out the Shop Products tab to place your order today.

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