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Family Owned Apiary

We are a family owned apiary nestled on the banks of the Seneca River. What started out as just a hobby has grown to a passion and love for bees. 



         We are a small family owned business. Our apiary is nestled on the banks of the Seneca River in Baldwinsville NY. As a child I always remember my grandfather having honeybees. Now with my own hives it brings back so many childhood memories. What started as hobby, has now grown to so much more. We discovered a passion and love for honeybees that has fueled our growth as a business. Honeybees are not only a major contributor to our survival, they are magnificent in their complexity.   

   We quickly learned that the demand to save the honeybees was great. Honeybees naturally swarm to increase the population. Often times if these swarms are not relocated the honeybees will build within walls of homes, sheds and building structures. At this point a homeowner calls an exterminator to have the beneficial bees removed. Exterminators will use harmful chemicals on the nest which results in the honeybees being killed. Our mission is to save as many honeybees as possible. When we remove a colony it is a delicate and chemical free process. We also relocate swarms before they can become a problem in the walls of your home. We provide our colonies with strategic care and maintenance for optimal survival rates. 



Bees, Raw Honey and All Natural Products

Our products and equipment are made onsite here at the apiary. There are so many health benefits in products containing beeswax or consuming raw honey. We pride ourselves in using all natural ingredients in our beeswax products to ensure that you get the maximum benefit.

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